Friday, March 23, 2012

Tool 9

It is important to put technology with the objective because it is HERE!!! The kids know how to use it more than us. They get on there and explore and play. We as teachers just don’t seem to have the time which makes it a challenge to tie technology to the classroom. We will have to get out of the box on this one. Technology should help not hinder us.
We should hold the students accountable for their work so we know that they are doing the correct things. It will be interesting to see how to come up with a way to keep track of how they are doing. The need to learn that technology is not just for playing Angry Birds but that it should help us in the classroom understand the objectives we are trying to complete.
Phet and SciLinks are good interactive sites for biology. There are different interactive sections for the units that we teach that can expand on what the student needs to know. I see density and buoyancy inactives that would be great to work with after teaching the subjects. The students could pair up and work problems or show the class their information on buoyancy. You could give a quiz for accountability. The student could use googledocs to or wallwisher to add to the blog board.
From the SBISD data base I see a few that might help students. Flash cards are great for helping kids learn their vocabulary. Science Glossary and video science sound good. These are all good ways of helping kids with the study sheets for a test. Before the end of class the student would have to show how much they have completed.
Animation Creator might be fun to have the kids make a comic strip that has to do with the unit that you are teaching that week. 

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